How To Install Metasploit In Android Using Termux Without Root


metasploit is one of the most popular hacking framework available in hackers community, So today I will be giving you a step by step tutorial to Install Metasploit In Android Using Termux Without Root.

Pre requirement to install Install Metasploit In Android

  • Android 5.0 + (unfortunately older version are not supported)
  • TermuX (Download it from Google Play or Play Store)
  • About 1GB of internal storage (For proper installation of Metasploit)

How To Install Metasploit In Android Using Termux Without Root.

  1. Install Termux in Android

Download and Install Termux from Google Play in your android phone.

  • Open Termux App & Wait for installation of it.
  • Type the command and hit enter “apt update && apt upgrade” 

this command is mandatory for proper installation.

2. Installing Metasploit In Termux

For installation Metasploit in Termux, enter or copy and paste the following commands carefully and one by one in the Termux app (After entering every single command line, don`t forget to press the enter, and wait for the process to complete).

  • Enter or copy the command :- apt install curl
  • Enter or copy the command :- curl -LO
  • Now give permission by Entering or copy the command :- chmod +x
  • Now execute file :- ./
  • Now wait until process of downloading is going on, it can take upto 30 minutes. actually is depends on internet speed.
  • Now to run Metasploit, enter this command (anywhere, because shortcut is created by the Script) :- msfconsole

Some people are facing this problem, that they can’t open metasploit framework console via msfconsole command. So here are two solutions for that.

1). Manual Way
Just open a New Session and go to metasploit-framework directory, and enter ./msfconsole command, Like This (same for msfvenom):

cd metasploit-framework

2). Shortcut Method

This is for those people who are not satisfied with the first one, and want to create a shortcut command, as the other programs set, enter the following commands one by one in a new session (msfvenom included):
ln -s /data/data/com.termux/files/home/metasploit-framework/msfconsole
mv msfconsole $PREFIX/bin

ln -s /data/data/com.termux/files/home/metasploit-framework/msfvenom
mv msfvenom $PREFIX/bin


This post is just for education purposes only. I`ll not be responsible of any Illegal use of this information.

If you have any problem or getting any kind of error or you think that I`ve missed any , then please inform me in Comments Section. I`ll fix that soon…


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