best Instagram captions ever


Best Instagram captions ever

One of our best instagram captions here it is

Aaj baarish ka wo maja bhi aa gayaJ iska intzar tha bada
Dhimi si baarish thi
Me tha or mera yaar tha wahan
Basically this was written for the situation when i was wandering while listening songs suddenly it started raining so i supposed to write this quote

Sometimes this may mean very much for singles and mingles too.

One more from best instgram caption

 is there to be said lets listen this one too

“Kaash ye kaash na hota
Na ye kaash hota 
Or na mujhe afsos hota”

I wrote this one when i remembered some opportunites i could get admission in regular collage but i didn’t have a strong financial position.
So here i am saying these words kaash
Yaar kash na hota.

There are many stories on this planet over there
Oh sorry on our website too😅
This is also well said that why should we remember if the couse is dead for you.
“Main kyu yaad karu un lamho ko
Jinhone mujhe meri tanhaion me akela chhod diya
Mujhe rulaya or mujhse mujhko chhin liya
Me kyu sorry bolu use jisne mujhe apne aap ko saabit krne ka moka bhi na diya”
This is as simple as eating chapati without doing mehnat.
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